3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning has been around since the 60’s but with recent hardware and software advancements it has now become much more practical on projects of all kind of industry. With each scan position measuring millions of points a second, it is the most effective way to Digitize the real-world environment and use it for variety of applications.

Laser scanning simplifies measuring and documenting process for all the industries. Whether it is ensuring a clash free design, understanding the general topography of a site, or capturing the intricate geometries seen in manufacturing facilities or planning a layout of the site, laser scanning technology allows professionals to more quickly document the as-built conditions for any environment and use the real world dimension to endless application.

We provide a full range of industrial measurement and dimensional control services for oil, gas, Petro-chemical to meet all their survey requirements with latest hardware and software or address application like BIM, Heritage preservation, Volume measurement or creating a Virtual reality environment for Various industries.

3D Laser Scanning Services

  • As-Built Documentation
  • Architectural Documentation
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
  • Commercial Sites
  • Construction
  • Health Care
  • Historical Documentation
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Facilities
  • Office Building
  • Oil and Gas
  • Overhead Clearances
  • Process Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Projection-Mapping
  • Residential Sites
  • Schools and Universities
  • Stadiums, Arenas and Theaters
  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Telecommunications
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 3D Gaming and Software Development
  • 3D Projection Mapping

3D Laser scanning for Oil and Gas and plant Digitization:

Preliminary investigation and inspection are an indispensable process for factory renovation or relocation of factory equipment. Laser scanning quickly measures and collects precise 3D point clouds without interrupting factory operation. High-density 3D point clouds can be widely utilized for generating schematics and simulation of piping or equipment installation. 

The Applications with 3D model are endless. It helps you with product development, marketing, saving you time and cost down the line. In the oil and gas industry, as facilities age and the needs of a company changes rapidly, there is always need to make changes and updates. A 3D model makes sure the facilities still satisfy the needs and helps to run project smoother.

We provide:

  • Point cloud deliverables can in Leica (.pts, .ptx, .ptg) and Autodesk Recap (.rcs and/or .rcp)
  • 3D CAD Modeling of Equipment’s, Piping, Structural, Electrical, Instruments and supports
  • Non-intelligent and Intelligent As-built 3D models
  • 2D drawings extraction as per demand
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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The laser scanning is an ideal solution for measuring the shape of the land and the 3D as-built survey in building construction site. Design drawing can be created based on the 3D point clouds with ease. As-built 3D data of the completed structure can be utilized to streamline the future maintenance of the structure.

3D laser scanning allows contractors to collect the as-is conditions on a project site quickly to provide both accurate and up-to-date data that is valuable throughout the different design and construction stages

  • Removes a large degree of human error from traditional as-built documentation processes
  • Faster on-site measurement acquisition 
  • Faster data shareability an communication within the team
  • Minimise multiple visit for measurement

The implementation of laser scanning brings an entirely new realm of possibilities to an already powerful integrated BIM workflow. The ability to capture detailed information about elements in their physical space allows for more precise use of data. Whether capturing 3D information for coordination and prefabrication, or leveraging the quantity information for estimating and scheduling, laser scanning is surely a necessary endeavour to increase the accuracy of project information. Decreasing hardware costs and increased software capabilities have made scanning a competitive advantage for contractors willing to invest the time and effort into this fully integrated BIM workflow.

Laser Scanning helps in:

  • Renovation As-Built Scanning
  • Construction Validation

Historical Architecture / Cultural Heritage:

3D Digitization techniques for cultural relic archaeology was considered icing on the cake. Today, however, it has become an essential part of an archaeologist’s foundational work process, as well as an important means of information retention. The digitization of cultural relics has enabled mankind to accurately record an artefact, in order to pass that information – as well as the historical, cultural, and technological value of an item – on to future generations in the permanent form of data.

Capturing 3D data by laser scanning is one of the most effective methods to measure these objects or artefacts without any damage to the objects. Laser scanning obtains precise 3D point cloud data that not only replicates the objects’ appearance but also material texture of the scanned objects. Schematic drawings can be created based on the 3D data for future maintenance or restoration works as well as for archiving and viewing.

The 3D Digitise data can be further used for multipurpose beside preservation and repairing like, creating a Virtual Reality walkthrough to promote Tourism or Lase mapping on building for Laser show or creating a 3d print ready mesh for rescaled replicas of monument.

We provide:
  • 3D scanning of monument
  • Registration and meshing of scan data for 3D printing
  • Retopology and CAD generation 
  • Topology and texturing/lighting on CAD 
  • Virtual reality walkthrough on demand
Large Structure:

The scanned data of large structures allow for early detection of deteriorated areas to be maintained or reinforced. 3D data can be utilized for measurements of size and geometry, as well as volume calculations of necessary materials. Periodic monitoring is one of the most effective methods to prevent collapse of structures.


Laser scanner captures 3D data of inner surfaces of tunnels quickly and efficiently. Even the most complex surface, at curves or junction points, profiles can be modeled without difficulty. Monitoring deformation of tunnel wall is an essential measure to prevent collapse of tunnels both under construction and in operation.

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Road Surface, Slope Face Profile:

Laser scanner scans road surface shapes and slope face shapes with exceptional ease and speed. The scanned data allows the sensing of ruts and bumps of road surface and can be utilized for maintenance management. Also, the 3D data allows the effective and efficient detection of landslide mass in disaster area and deterioration of the slope face such as distortion or cracks.

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Volume Measurement:

Volume measurement is indispensable for land preparation, open-pit and underground mining, waste landfills and sediment control facilities. Laser Scanner allows the operators heightened sense of safety by eliminating the need for working in an area occupied by heavy machines or in areas where access is dangerous. With 3D point clouds, a cross-section survey can be performed at any given points. High density point clouds allow for accurate calculations of volume and geometry that no other technology can offer.